étude ponts photoniques

« 3D visualization of a photonic bridge obtained between a biological system and an active principle »

étude électrophotonique eau

« Visualization of water stress under the effect of a very low frequency set »

pont photonique

« Photonic bridges obtained from two dental composites of different compositions »

A new approach to macroscopic imaging by crown effect.

EDS©, for Electrophotonic DataPhoton System " is a unique device for acquiring, in the UV spectrum, the luminescence of a body subjected to its action. These luminescences are characteristic of the object under study.

The diagram below shows the image capture process used by our patented EDS device.

laboratoire électrophotonique CORAMP

The object to be studied is placed on the electrode. A distinctive and specific electromagnetic field is generated, causing a corona effect. It is recorded by a very high-performance scientific camera that in turn transmits the captured image to a computer for analysis.

The effectiveness of the system and the quality of the results obtained are maintained :

  • the stability of the EDS field generator, which also offers an informational definition never before obtained;
  • the properties of the electrode specially manufactured for this purpose ;
  • capture tools (optics: Fujinon High Resolution UV Lenses / camera: scientific camera Hamamatsu) »

Photonic bridges are an important discovery on which a paper was presented in 2014 at an international meeting organized by the Bioelectromagnetic Society in South Africa.

Photonic bridges may or may not appear in the UV spectrum when two products or a biological system and a product are placed in close proximity to each other on a specific electrode called a "container holder" and a strong electromagnetic field is generated.

pont photonique affinité

These bridges seem to indicate an affinity between the products tested. Indeed, if not, there is no photonic exchange, or even a barrier as shown in the image below.

pont photonique répulsion

This unique phenomenon is regularly used experimentally in different research fields (agri-food, alicaments, active ingredients, water, etc.). It is possible to measure their values and thus classify the degree of affinity according to the different products evaluated.

All liquids, including essential oils and oils, can be photonically investigated with the EDS© device. In addition to their energy values (in the electron/photon sense), a detailed synthesis report can be produced including a set of indicators such as that of an intra-lot validation for example.

Here are some examples of capture made from different types of liquid :

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étude électrophotonique champagne 1 étude électrophotonique champagne 2 étude électrophotonique vin étude électrophotonique bière 1 étude électrophotonique bière 2 étude électrophotonique HE Ravintsara étude électrophotonique HE thym

With the EDS© device, it is possible to visualize the luminescence emerging from a person's fingertips. Once recorded, these luminescences can be quantified by sector and correlated with a current state of being.

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étude électrophotonique d'un individu

étude électrophotonique doigts étude électrophotonique doigt

The corona effects obtained with the EDS© device show geometrisation, energy values (in the electron/photon sense) and other characteristics specific to each product. All these elements are important parameters that can be used in the optimization of a product (for example: testing different excipients or packaging, checking behaviour over time, etc...)

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étude électrophotonique vitamine C étude électrophotonique d'un individu

étude électrophotonique acide clavulanique étude électrophotonique clavulanique

étude électrophotonique acide alpha lipoique

With the EDS© device, inert matter can be observed under a new light by highlighting elements that are difficult to access otherwise. For example, here are two samples of the same polymer (one prize-winning, the other not) with photonic differences significant enough to characterize them, where no physical-chemical marker is able to do so.

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étude photonique polymère

Metals can also show singular information when subjected to a magnetic field. Note, in the example below, the presence of a remanence 30 minutes after the disappearance of the magnetic field

étude électrophotonique métaux magnétisés

ceinture d'aimants

Plants and everything related to biodiversity in general are suitable for investigations carried out with the EDS© system. As shown in the images below, several types of work can be carried out to define, for example, the photonic signature of a species or its vitality leveĺ.

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étude électrophotonique fraisier étude électrophotonique fraisier

étude électrophotonique d'un olivier

Research is currently being conducted on weeds and their treatment by non-chemical means. The following images illustrate, from the photonic bridges, the best natural product likely to stop the progression of the weed in question (here dilution N°1).

étude électrophotonique d'un olivier

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