Electrophotonics is a technology used to study luminescence emerging from a body subjected to a specific electromagnetic field.

Due to the nature of the spectra captured on the basis of corona effect, this process is an excellent means of investigating the potential of a living or inanimate body, by highlighting its energy signature (in the electron/photon sense).

Electrophotonics still makes it possible, under perfectly reproducible conditions, to measure the entropy of a system and to visualize the impact of information on that system.


The major innovations brought by the patented EDSĀ© device (Electrophotonic Dataphoton System) that we use, offer totally new investigative perspectives in the analysis of the corona effect.

Indeed, the identification of information that has hitherto been little or totally unknown opens up a vast field of scientific research, particularly in the fields of biology and health, without these sectors being restrictive.

Much work is underway in other areas and will soon be published.

If you are interested in initiating a research program based on our technology, we also invite you to contact us to define together the framework, content and means.

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